Use the links below to select and download your colouring page. The thumbnails are only meant to give you an idea of what each picture looks like, they are not print quality. I drew each of these colouring pages and am providing them free of charge for personal use only. Please do not alter them, or use them for anything other than their intended purpose. Colour away!

  • Jungle Explorer (August 13, 2017 – from the Jungle Exploration Site, 60161)
  • Leopard (August 6, 2017 – from the Jungle Explortation Site, 60161)
  • Scared Scientist (July 30, 2016 – from the Jungle Exploration Site, 60161)
  • Female Rocket Scientist (October 7, 2016 – from Spaceport, 60080)
  • Astronaut (September 30, 2016 – from Spaceport, 60080)