LEGO Review: Mobile Command Center [60139]

I bought this set a while back, but have only gotten around to building it now. I bought it for parts to use in my custom project for the summer. I plan to build a modular police station for my LEGO city. While I still plan to repurpose the pieces, I actually quite like this set. Let’s have a closer look at why.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) boxart.

Set Summary

Name: Mobile Command Center
Set #: 60139
Theme: City
Cost: $59.99 CAD
Brick Count: 374
Minifigures: 4
Of Interest: A dog and a motorcycle
Release Date: January 2, 2017


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) jailbreak.

Summary Review: 81%

VALUE: 70% (Good value for a City set, but ok value overall.)
90% (Nice design with fun play features.)
82% (Decent Minifigs with an excellent brick-to-fig score.)
80% (Not so great build-time value, but I like it.)


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) police officer and motorbike.


VALUE: 70%
With a price tag of $59.99 in Canada, and 374 bricks, this set clocks in at $0.16 per piece. For a City set, that is not bad. City is generally one of the pricier themes when looking at the cost of each brick. The sets advertised in the Summer 2017 catalogue have an average cost of $0.19 per brick. However, while this set is a decent value for the theme, it is still two cents above the average for all sets in the catalogue. I give this set 3.5/5 for value (70%).


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) interior access.

BUILD: 90%
This set has a lot to like. The hinged design to access the interior of the trailer is pretty neat. The trailer itself is divided into three sections. The first is the jail cell. It has barred doors on either side. Both doors are very loosely attached as part of a play feature. They are meant to be pulled off easily to simulate a jailbreak. There is not much to the interior of the cell, just a sort of bench in the middle. It is only a temporary holding facility for criminals though, so no big deal there.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) jail cell.

The second compartment is the actual command center. There is a computer terminal and side table with a coffee mug. I like the design of the terminal, but I would have liked a third screen to make it a little more symmetrical. It also has evidence boards, which was one of the reasons why I wanted this set. They are stickers, but they will be useful in my custom police station.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) computer terminal.

The third section of the trailer is a storage room for the motorbike that comes with the set. There is not much to this compartment, just a little stand with a walkie-talkie and a wrench attached to it. Maybe a toolbox or an oil can would have been nice.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) motorbike storage.

The front of the truck is nicely designed. It has steps leading up to cab, and the designers did not forget to include doors. The interior of the cab is a little bland, but the outside has a fair amount of detail. I included the extra antenna piece that came with the set as a stick shift.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139)

The final little build is the criminal’s ATV. It comes with a chain and grapple for yanking off the jail cell doors that I mentioned earlier.  Is there anything that I don’t like about the build of this set? Not really. It is a fun set. Maybe a little more detail in places, like the cab and the final compartment of the trailer would have been nice. I give it 9/10.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) ATV.

There are four Minifigures included in this set. You get two police officers, one male and one female. The female officer is actually identical to the one that came in the Police Helicopter freebie offered at the LEGO Store in March (click here for a look). She even wears the same helmet. This officer is sporting some reflective shades, but does not have a double-sided face. She has front and back print on her torso, but no printing on her legs. The motorbike is her accessory, and it comes with two smaller accessories attached. I give her 7/10.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – front view of police officers.

The male officer also does not have a double-sided face. He wears a police hat, and has the same shirt as the officer from the Money Transporter set (click here to read my review). Again, no printing on the legs. I suppose the dog is his accessory.  I give him 6/10. Don’t get me wrong, these are both fine police Minifigures that will help fill my police station. They just are not as completely detailed as some other Minifigures I have seen.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – rear view of police officers.

The other two Minifigures are crooks. The first is a female criminal. She has a neat striped shirt that I have not seen before. It looks like a striped version of the female store clerk torso. Her legs are just plain black. Her face has a domino mask, and is not double-sided. She has the same flip hairstyle as the mother from Fun in the Park. She doesn’t really have any accessories, and earns 5/10.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – front view of crooks.

The male criminal has an interesting top. It looks like one of the orange tops seen on the public servants and construction workers in the City theme, only it has a striped criminal’s shirt underneath. Perhaps he was on a prisoner’s road crew. Whatever his story, I like this look. He wears unprinted grey pants. As an accessory, he comes with a backpack stuffed with some $100 bills. His face is not double-sided, but sports a moustache. In lieu of hair he wears a beanie. He earns 7/10.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – rear view of crooks.

Four Minifigures in a set containing 374 bricks translates into a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of about 94:1. That is a really good ratio that earns this set a full 5/5. The combined design score of these Minifigures is 63%. Coupled with the awesome brick-to-Minfig ration score, this set earns a total Minifigure score of 82%.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – police officer and dog.

This set took me 75 minutes to build. With a price tag of $59.99, that means that each minute I spent building this set cost me $0.80. That is not the best, but not the worst value I have ever seen. It earns this set a build-time score of 3/5.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – Motorbike.

Will I keep this set as is? No, but keeping it was never my intent. I bought it specifically for parts that would be useful in my custom police station. I do really like it though. Perhaps if my city was bigger, I would keep it. I am happy with the look of this set, so I will still give it 5/5. Combining this score with the build-time score gives this set an overall entertainment rating of 80%.


LEGO Mobile Command Center (60139) – Coffee Time

Overall: 81%

This set does not have a phenomenal per brick or build time value. Neither one is terrible, just not very good either. Where this set gains a lot of points in my opinion is in design and its brick-to-Minifigure ratio. This is a fun set that I would probably keep built as is if I had more space and did not already have need of the individual pieces.  I do recommend this set, but if you are on the fence, waiting for a 20% off sale will actually bring the per brick cost down to $0.13, bringing the value score up to 80%. It also brings the build time score up to 90%. Those grades would bring the overall score up to 87%.

Do you have this set? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time,


Minifigure Monday – The End of an Era

Back in March, I lost a very close friend to cancer. We had been friends for 17 years. Today would have been her 35th birthday. Her family waited until this past weekend to celebrate her life with relatives and friends. She was such a wonderful person, and it was so nice to see all those people gathered to remember her. The memorial was held at my friend’s childhood home. During our college days, we spent many evenings in that house, and there are a lot of great memories there. As I left, I was overcome the finality of it all. My friend has been gone since March, but for the first time, it really felt real. I would never be back to that place, just as I would never relive those times with my friend. It truly was the end. I wrote a poem for my friend back in March, you can read it by clicking here if you like. I wrote another one this afternoon. The picture was taken at the coffee shop we used to frequent, and is of my LEGO sigfig, and the one of my friend that will always live on in my LEGO city.

The End of an Era

I passed a point in time today.
It divides today from yesterday.
A defining moment, some might say,
This point I passed in time today.

Behind me were the times gone past,
Many a year flown by too fast.
There was a first, as well as last,
Some times of cheer, others downcast.

As I looked back, I could have cried.
It has been an amazing ride.
Ahead of me lie roads untried,
A future that is free and wide.

I passed a point in time today.
It divides today from yesterday.
I’ll miss all that went away,
But, moving on I’ll be okay.


In memory of my good friend.

Canadian LEGO Deals (June 12-22, 2017)

Hudson’s Bay:
Starting off the sales for this week, Hudson’s Bay is once again offering the same selection of sets on sale as they have for the last two weeks. The sets are all about 25% off, which is a pretty good sale.

  • City – Fun in the Park for $37.49
  • City – Prison Island for $89.99
  • City – Police Patrol Boat for $44.99
  • City – Ferry for $29.99
  • City – Van and Caravan for $18.74
  • City – Airport Passenger Terminal for $97.49
  • City – Airport Air Show for $82.49
  • City – Airport VIP Service for $44.99
  • City – Cargo Plane for $22.49
  • City – Airport Starter Set for $9.74
  • Creator – Super Soarer for $9.74
  • Creator – Ocean Explorer for $14.99
  • Creator – Fast Car for $18.74
  • Creator – Propeller Plane for $18.74
  • Creator – Lakeside Lodge for $29.99
  • Creator – Corner Deli for $37.49
  • DC Comics – Killer Croc Sewer Smash for $74.99
  • DC Comics – Gotham City Cycle Chase for $18.74
  • Disney Princess – Palace Pets Royal Castle for $18.74
  • Disney Princess – Anna and Kristoff’s Sleigh Adventure for $29.99
  • Elves – Fire Dragon’s Lava Cave for $37.49
  • Elves – Water Dragon Adventure for $18.74
  • Friends – Foal’s Washing Station for $9.74
  • Friends – Heartlake Supermarket for $29.99
  • Juniors – Cinderella’s Carriage for $18.74
  • Juniors – Stephanie’s Horse Carriage for $11.99
  • Juniors – Lost Temple for $29.99
  • Juniors – Batman and Superman VS Lex Luthor for $18.74
  • Juniors – Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage for $13.49
  • Juniors – Snake Showdown for $13.49
  • Juniors – Police Helicopter Chase for $9.74
  • Juniors – Spider-Man Hideout for $22.49
  • Marvel – Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle for $97.49
  • Marvel – Avengers Airport Battle for $74.99
  • Minecraft – Jungle Treehouse for $67.49
  • Nexo Knights – Macy’s Thunder Mace for $18.74
  • Nexo Knights – General Magmar’s Siege Machine of Doom for $44.99
  • Nexo Knights – Axl’s Tower Carrier for $67.49
  • Nexo Knights – Jestro’s Volcano Lair for $112.49
  • Nexo Knights – Aaron Foxe’s Aerostriker V2 for $29.99
  • Ninjago – Sky Shark for $18.74
  • Ninjago – Ninja Bike Chase for $18.74
  • Ninjago – Misfortune’s Keep for $74.99
  • Ninjago – Tiger Widow Island for $44.99
  • Ninjago – Raid Zeppelin for $29.99
  • Ninjago – Jay’s Elemental Dragon for $29.99
  • Ninjago – Salvage MEC for $37.49
  • Ninjago – Rock Roader for $37.49
  • Star Wars – First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter for $67.49
  • Star Wars – Captain Rex’s AT-TE for $112.49
  • Star Wars – Clone Turbo Tank for $104.99
  • Star Wars – Resistance X-Wing for $74.99
  • Star Wars – Encounter on Jakku for $56.24
  • Star Wars – Star Scavenger for $44.99
  • Star Wars – Eclipse Fighter for $29.99
  • Star Wars – Battle on Takodana for $56.24
  • Star Wars – Carbon Freezing Chamber for $22.49
  • Star Wars – Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle for $112.49
  • Star Wars – Rey’s Speeder for $18.74

The LEGO Store:


Spending over $199 will get you a free LEGO tote bag. In addition, the following sets are on sale:

  • Batman Movie Minifigures for $3.99
  • DC Super Hero Girls – Super Hero High for $87.99
  • DC Super Hero Girls – Harley Quinn to the Rescue for $31.99
  • Disney Princess – Arendelle Castle Celebration for $59.99
  • Nexo Knights – Merlok’s Library for $23.99
  • Wedding Favor Set for $9.59

Toys R Us:
The flyer lists “select” Friends sets under $49.99 are 20% off this week.


  • Batman Movie – Mr. Freeze Ice Attack for $19.86
  • Batman Movie – Catwoman Cycle Chase for $19.86
  • City – Tow Truck Trouble for $21.86
  • Creator – Robo Explorer for $21.86
  • Creator – Sunset Street Bike for $21.86
  • Elves – The Capture of Sophie Jones for $18.00
  • Ninjago – Ultra Stealth Raider for $98.00
  • Ninjago – Chain Cycle Ambush for $30.00
  • Star Wars – Encounter of Jakku for $59.86

LEGO Review: Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914]

I bought this set last weekend for two reasons. First, Bane was on my list of LEGO characters to get this summer. Second, buying this set got me the free LEGO Batman Movie battle pod from Toys R Us. So, was it worth it?


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] box art.

Set Summary

Name: Bane Toxic Truck Attack
Set #: 70914
Theme: The LEGO Batman Movie
Cost: $64.99 CDN
Brick Count: 366
Minifigures: 2 + Bane big-fig
Release Date: June 2, 2017


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914]

Summary Review: 71%

VALUE: 70% ($0.18 per brick is a little on the steep side.)
80% (Overall fun design, helicopter is crap though.)
87% (Bane absolutely rocks, pretty good brick-to-fig ratio.)
45% (Not great build time value, will not keep it built.)


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] play feature. Pressing down on the lever (where Bane’s foot is) causes a toxic canister to pop up.


VALUE: 70%
As I pointed out in my recent look at the new LEGO Batman sets (click here to read it), this set has the worst value for the theme this summer. At 366 bricks and a price tag of $64.99, each brick costs $0.18. That is well above the average cost of a brick in the summer 2017 catalogue ($0.14/brick), and even further above the average for the LEGO Batman Movie theme ($0.13/brick). The high cost probably has something to do with the Bane big-fig (interestingly, the other set from the theme with a really bad value contains the Killer Croc big-fig). This set earns a value score of 3.5/5 (70%).


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] gatling gun.

BUILD: 80%
There is a lot to like about this set. I love the toxin canister design for both the large tank and the smaller ones. I will definitely apply this design in one of my future custom projects. I also really like the LEGO-fied toxic sticker on the side of one of the containers. Additionally, the design for the rear wheels is really cool on this truck. As a teacher who has my students design LEGO Mars rovers in class, I am always on the lookout for simple designs my students can use to make their rovers move better on the Martian terrain (yes, I built Mars in the middle of my classroom). These wheels provide a simple suspension that adapts well to uneven surfaces. Finally, Bane’s gatling gun is well designed, and fires pretty decently (though perhaps a little too easily).


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] skull and crossbones sticker.

I don’t like that all of the rails on this truck are really weakly attached. These rails should be able to withstand collisions, but as they are they just swivel all over the place. I also really don’t like Batman’s little helicopter. Batman would not fly around in such rinky-dink little piece of crap. Those pieces would have been better applied to making the truck more sturdy. Overall, I give this set 8/10 as a build score.


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914], Batman’s dinky helicopter.

You get two proper Minifigs and one big-fig in this set. Starting off with Batman, he is the same as in pretty much every other LEGO Batman Movie Set. I have lost track of which set each face variant comes with, but I know I have seen this one before. I get that it is the LEGO Batman Movie, but does every set have to come with the same Batman? If this was the first set from this theme that you ever acquired, I would give Batman the same 8/10 I always do.

The second Minifig I could have lived without. I don’t really know who the Mutant Leader is, and I don’t care to. He does not have a double sided face for obvious reasons (he is bald). He does have front and back print on his torso, and a little bit of printing on the front of his legs. His arms also have some print on them. As an accessory, he comes with a torch. I give him 7/10.

Bane is the real reason to get this set. He is a phenomenal figurine. Though not actually a Minifigure, he is very well designed all the same. I love the attachment points on his arms for the Venom tubes. Though we have seen Bane Minifigs before, this is one of those characters that really needed big-fig treatment in my opinion. If you have the Minifig too, you now have regular Bane, and Bane pumped full of Venom! I give this fig a full 10/10.

Again, Bane is not really a Minifigure, but for the purposes of the brick-to-Minifigure ratio, I will count him as one. This means you are getting a Minifig for every 122 bricks, which is actually not too shabby. This earns the set a ratio score of 4.5/5. Combining all of the Minifig design scores with the ratio score gives an overall Minifigure rating of 87%.


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914]

Bane Toxic Truck Attack took me 70 minutes to build, and cost $64.99. That puts this set at $0.93 per minute of build time, which is really bad in my books. The current average build time based on all of the sets I have reviewed is $0.75. I much prefer when the cost per minute is around $0.60. $0.75/minute gives the set a build time value of 1.5/5 (30%).


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914]

 I like this set, but I will probably not keep it built as is. I don’t really have a use for it in my LEGO city. I can see how it would be a lot of fun for little kids though. I will keep the toxin canisters for a future custom project that I have been dreaming of starting, but just lack the time to actually get to. For that reason, this set gets 3/5 from me for enjoyment. Combining the build time and enjoyment scores gives this set an entertainment rating of 45%.


Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914]

 Overall: 71%

In general, I like this set, but it is not a keeper for me. I bought it mostly for the Bane figurine and to take advantage of the LEGO Batman Movie Battle Pod offer at Toys R Us. It does not have a great per-brick value, and the build time cost is pretty high. Waiting for a 20% off sale would bring cost down to $0.14 per brick, which is average. It would also bring the build time cost down to $0.74, which is more normal for me.

Do you have this set? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time,


What’s LEGO Going to Cost You? (Summer 2017 Edition – Part III)

After reviewing the overall trends in LEGO’s Canadian summer 2017 catalogue (click here to read it), as well as taking a look at the best value sets from the City theme (click here to read it), my next analysis will take a look at the LEGO Batman movie theme. I love DC Comics, and I have my eye on a couple of sets from this theme. So, this article will look at how they measure up in terms of value. There were five sets advertised in the catalogue for this theme. As always, prices are in Canadian dollars.

05. Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] $64.99
With this being the set that I want the most, I am very sad to report that it has the worst per-brick value. Each piece in this kit will cost you $0.18, which is way above average for the theme ($0.13 per brick), as well as for LEGO sets in general ($0.14 per brick). The Bane big-fig is just so cool though… he is also probably one of the big reasons that this set is not such a good value. On the plus side, it does have the second best brick-to-Minifigure ratio of 122:1.


LEGO Bane Toxic Truck Attack [70914] costs $0.18 per brick.

 04. Two-Face Double Demolition [70915] $74.99
Already at a considerably better value, this set clocks in at $0.13 per brick. This falls right on the average for the whole theme, and one cent below the average of all sets in the summer 2017 catalogue. The brick-to-Minifigure ratio is 141:1.


LEGO Two-Face Double Demolition [70915] costs $0.13 per brick.

 03. Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off [70913] $16.99
Third on this list, this little set has a per-brick value of $0.12. Without having to spend lots of money on a set, this is the cheapest, best value set. This set has the best brick-to-Minifigure ratio of the theme, coming in at 71:1.


LEGO Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off [70913] costs $0.12 per brick.

 02. The Ultimate Batmobile [70917] $159.99
While being the most expensive set of the LEGO Batman movie theme, this set is actually a decent value. Each brick costs about $0.11. It comes with eight Minifigures, but the brick-to-Minifig ratio is only 182:1.


LEGO Ultimate Batmobile [70917] costs $0.11 per brick.

 01. The Batwing [70916] $109.99
The second most expensive set in the theme that is advertised in the summer 2017 catalogue is actually the best value. It comes in at $0.10 per brick. Sadly, is has the worst brick-to-Minifigure ratio though, at 351:1.


LEGO Batwing [70916] costs $0.10 per brick.

 We can also compare these sets with those advertised in the January 2017 catalogue. In that case, they rank as follows:

  • $0.20 per brick – Killer Croc Tail-Gator
  • $0.18 per brick – Bane Toxic Truck Attack
  • $0.16 per brick – Riddler Riddle Racer
  • $0.15 per brick – Joker Notorious Lowrider
  • $0.14 per brick – Joker Balloon Escape
  • $0.13 per brick – Batmobile, Penguin Arctic Roller, The Scuttler, and Two-Face Double Demolition.
  • $0.12 per brick – Batcave Break-In, Scarecrow Special Delivery, Mr. Freeze Ice Attack, and Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off.
  • $0.11 per brick – Arkham Asylum and The Ultimate Batmobile.
  • $0.10 per brick – Clayface Splat Attack and The Batwing.

As you can see, both sets that come with big-figs rank as the most expensive per brick. Most sets also fall in the $0.12-0.13 range of cost-per-brick. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time,


Minifigure Monday – Batman Battle Pod Review

Work has been crazy busy in the lead up to the summer, and it is not over yet. That is why I missed last week’s Minifigure Monday. I should actually be working now as I write this. But, I was pretty excited about this week’s topic, so I decided to take a break. For those of you who follow my LEGO deals page, you already know that Toys R Us has finally brought the LEGO Batman Movie battle pod freebie to Canada. You can get it this week (June 9-15, 2017) with any purchase of $40.00 or more on LEGO Batman Movie sets. Being a sucker for freebies, I had to get one. Each store is supposed to only have 25 of them, and the cashier did not offer me one when I went to pay. I only got one when I asked for it, so don’t forget to ask if you go get one.


LEGO Batman Movie Battle Pod freebie

This is actually a pretty interesting little kit. It comes with 24 pieces, one of which is the actual pod. This is the first time I have ever seen a little display case like this for an exclusive Minifigure. It has an embossed front with the LEGO Batman Movie logo. When you open it up, it has built in LEGO plates to allow you to build inside and place the Minifigure. As a first, it is a novelty that I quite like. I wouldn’t mind seeing more exclusives come like this, though I can see all of these little pods starting to take up quite a bit of space if it becomes the norm.


LEGO Batman Movie Battle Pod exterior

When you build up the interior, the left side simulates a wall of the Batcave with some jagged stones, a computer console, and storage points for a grappling gun and Batarang. The right side has a printed background, again depicting the interior of a cave with some bats.


LEGO Batman Battle Pod interior

The Minifigure is a must have for anyone trying to collect all of the different Batman variants from the film. He comes dressed in a tiger print blazer, which makes him all the more likeable for me because tigers just happen to be my favorite animal. Given that Batman is a hero, I am sure that it is not actual tiger fur 😉

Batman has front and back print on his torso. His arms are also printed. There is a small amount of printing on the front of the legs, just around the waist. There is no printing on the rear of the legs. Batman also has a double-sided face, one side smiling and the other angry. If this Minifigure came in a regular set, I would give him a full 10/10. This is a really fun Minifig for collectors, though I am not sure how much a kid would enjoy playing with it. I could be wrong on that front, so if you gave this to your kids, I would love to know what they think in the comments below.


LEGO tiger suit Batman, alternate face

Again, you have to spend $40.00 on LEGO Batman Movie sets to get this one. It was a must for me as it was on my list of requisite Minifigures for summer 2017 (I wrote about it for the April A-to-Z Challenge, click here to read it). I also knocked another of the Minifigures off that list in order to get this one. Can you guess which it was? I will post more about that in my weekly review this Wednesday. Is this Minifigure worth it in your mind? If so, which set(s) will you get to acquire one?

Until next time,